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    Safe Fixing

    Hi, I have learnt that under REGISTRY INTEGRITY I can safely fix all findings in "ActiveX and Class Issues". Is this the case, too, when it is about the other options, in particular "Unused File Extensions" and "MUI Cache"? Hope again for rescue! Oldboy
  2. Oldboy

    ActiveX/COM Issue

    Thank you very much for your concern. Your explanation added a great deal to understanding things. Many regards.
  3. Oldboy

    Registry cleaning

    I'm not quite sure if this is the way to thank you for your answer to Tigris January 4, 2006 because I had the name problem. Is it so that new ActiveX/COM issues will be created when I am going to perform operations like the ones that created the current ActiveX/COM issues? In my situation it is mainly about audio operations (CD information from CDDB, editing, ripping and converting etc.). I hope you'll find time to reply for me to get a better understanding of "what's going on"? With kind regards, Oldboy
  4. Oldboy

    ActiveX/COM Issue

    --> QUOTE(Peter B @ Jan 31 2006, 08:28 PM) 28220[/snapback] Ihave read through the CCCleaner discussions and am confused. Is the "hard Drive Bleaching DOD eraser" in the Beta version, the existing version cc cleaner , or is it yet to come? I'm even more confused: Your reply don't seem to relate to my problem! Or am I wrong. Oldboy
  5. Hi, Unfortunately I am not very experienced, so please allow me the following. In Registry Integrity>Issues Section>ActiveX and Class Issues a lot of "problems" have accumulated: Problem column text: ActiveX/COM Issue. Data column text: For each issue some file information followed by a bracket containing grouped letters and figures, e.g. CDDBControl.FullName,ExtEncoder.ExtEnc, Forms.Image1 etc. Registry Key column: The Registry Key path. All of this takes up plenty of space in the registry, and would like to delete as far as possible. But I am terribly scared touching the Registry. Now I will try. My question are: 1) What does the problem list tell you. What is the overall objective of the list? 2) What does the letters and figures within the brackets mean/relate to? 3) I can relate to much of the file information in the Data column (except of what's in the brackets). It all seems to be historical information which I don't need. But can I deleted without harming anything? I hope that someone will assist me in broaden my knowledge! With kind regards, Oldboy.
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