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  1. I have using Drive Wiper on Ccleaner for my hard disk. While the operation still not finished yet suddenly my home electric supply black out. Then after electric is on i'm switch on my pc and then my hard disk that I've wipe using the Drives Wipe on ccleaner is missing. Anyone can help me how to fix my hard disk?
  2. CCleaner, Defragler, Recuva have a U3 edition software. But Speccy did not have a U3 edition. So please create or build Speccy for U3 edition software.
  3. I have download all software from Piriforms that U3 edition except SPECCY. I want SPECCY for U3. Please help me..
  4. Administrator.. Please create a Speccy PortableU3 software.. I like software that U3 edition.. Please help me!! I don't want software that just portable edition.. I want software that U3 edition!!
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