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  1. You have made me very curious to see what those reasons are ;-) Once I have read through them I'll get back to you... Thanks for the tutorial link it looks promising - once I have implemented a solution based on your idea and confirmed that it works I will publish my findings ;-)
  2. Hello Alan, TeamViewer is a remote control tool (I think it is VNC based), everything works as if you were working locally. I can vouch for how robust it is as I use it daily for remote support & administration. I have been using it for 2 years now and never had an issue. what you mention is not the cause of the problem as CCleaner behaves in the same way when running it via Remote desktop or even locally. Additionally on my other servers CCleaner detects and removes the HotFix uninstallers normally when working via TeamViewer. Thanks for the response anyway ;-)
  3. Hello all, I would like to suggest the addition of an option that would enable cleanup for all profiles located on the system. (Maybe this could be also implemented with a checklist or something where you could choose the profiles to cleanup) Of course for this to work it would require the user running CCleaner to have Administrative privileges. This would save a lot of time for people needing to clean systems used by multiple users (eg. I have a Citrix Servers to which ~30 different people login and each person has his own profile on the Citrix Server). At one point last year I ran CCleaner manually for all profiles and once cleaning was finished I was with left with almost 5GB more free space !!! Best Regards,
  4. Hello all, I would like to suggest adding cleanup for IE7 & IE8 HotFix Uninstallers always located in %WINDIR%\ie7updates & %WINDIR%\ie8updates respectively. This is common for all Microsoft OSs I have checked (WinXP / WinVista / Win2003 / Win7). Inside the above folders HotFix uninstallers are placed with KBxxxxxx as folder names. Best Regards,
  5. Hello, Actually for the servers in question NO HotFix Uninstallers are being detected as every time I run it there is nothing in the report and if I don't delete them manually they keep piling up every time Microsoft brings out new updates. Unfortunately at the moment there is only a single update on the one server as I manually deleted the rest. I was expecting a reply sooner from you guys and since I did not get it after a few days I decided to go ahead with manual cleanup :-( Anyway we should be able to test this in a few days when Microsoft releases HotFixes for October... For the moment maybe you can start troubleshooting with the HotFix that was recently installed on the one server and that CCleaner is not detecting (screenshot attached). Name: C:\WINDOWS\$NtUninstallKB2158563$ CCleaner Version: v2.36.1233 CCleaner OS Info: MS Windows Server 2003 Enterprise SP2 My other Server (with currently no HotFix uninstallers available) has the following info: CCleaner Version: v2.36.1233 CCleaner OS Info: MS Windows Server 2003 Standard SP2 Additionally since you asked it would a good idea to add cleanup for IE7 & IE8 HotFix Uninstallers (all located in %WINDIR%\ie7updates or in %WINDIR%\ie8updates) Thanks for the response, I will try and give you everything you need to solve this issue. Best regards,
  6. Not quite sure to what "version" refers to. The problem still exists with CCleaner v2.36 Build 1233 on both servers. At the same time I have other servers running the same version where HotFix uninstallers are detected and removed correctly. I am willing to give Piriform developers the chance to debug this via a remote session if necessary. Best regards,
  7. Hello all, I've being using CCleaner on a number of systems since v1.x. Currently I have it installed on numerous PCs/Servers and it is working perfectly except for 2 servers running the latest version of CCleaner (v2.35 Build 1223). Both servers are running Windows Server 2003 SP2 (one is running standard edition and the other enterprise). On both servers CCleaner does not detect Microsoft's HotFix uninstallers while on nearly identical servers running the same OS and CCleaner this feature works fine. This problem has existed for some time now and have had it with previous CCleaner v2.x versions but since a long time has passed with no difference I decided to report it now. I've tried uninstalling CCleaner completely and then reinstalling it but this makes no difference. Any ideas??? Thanks in advnace
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