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  1. Thanks, if not full screen the advanced button does not appear....
  2. Downloaded latest version and it no longer has option to shutdown after cleaning.... What is the reason for that, I really liked that option
  3. yes oh great one!!, but 3 months ago is when it was first raised how patient must one be.... Shove it ~offensive remark removed by moderator.
  4. Windows 7 laptop, I go to http://batonrouge.craigslist.org/ looking for cell phones etc for sell. When I run CCleaner it does not remove cookies. I do not have any in the keep file.
  5. Craigslist.org is the one that I visit and have the cleaning issues with. To answer your smart azz question I have never tried buying Uranium so I can't answer that question. Must be an England thing...
  6. Just updated C Cleaner to version 4.02.4115 on Dell 1520 laptop with Windows 7. I use internet explorer for visiting websites. When I updated I kept the settings from the previous version that I had no issues with, just updated. The version listed above when I run the Cleaner it does not remove history that I visited on Craigslist. I had the same issue a couple of weeks and did a restore on my computer to get back the previous version and it works just fine. However, as noted when I updated Craigslist is not being removed. I do not have any items listed in the cookies to keep area.
  7. Have run the cleaner several times, however when I go back to Craigslist all of the items I looked has is still highlighted. Another words not deleted. I have tried running it several times including registry cleaner and still the same. Thanks
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