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  1. Just a last thing - when I activated wipe free space it temporarily displayed a number 12,000 MB (12 GB)? that it was going to scan. I'm not at the laptop right now. Since you say it doesn't really pay to run Wipe Free Space, it doesn't really matter what it's doing, or what numbers are popping up. I was curious about the number it did display while running WFS, because if it was 12 GB of deleted files it could explain my stupid computer performance.
  2. Thanks everyone. You guys are great (even though some of the English is pretty rough). I am going to work on removing programs, and will post a new thread for that. TTFN
  3. So you are saying.... that I can safely run Wipe Free Space, taking into consideration that now I will never be able to recover any files I have already deleted, but that there is no real benefit to doing so, other than security. My next question is... Has anyone out there used Wipe Free Space and found that they had indeed improved computer performance? And, if I run Wipe Free Space, should I perhaps FIRST run a Recovery software to check to make sure that I indeed want to delete all the deleted files....
  4. I'm interested to discover what "Wipe Free Space" does. I have an HP Laptop that is slow as molasses. I checked off Wipe Free space after I had gone through all the other boxes carefully. It says not to do this regularly as it will slow down regular cleaning speed. I assume that this means I can allow it to Wipe Free Space and go for lunch as it cycles through the apparently 12 GB of stuff there. Could you explain what "Wipe Free Space" actually does, and if we can use it confidently on a computer that is bogged down?
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