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  1. It would be good to be able to export the details that appear on the Info tab (eg access time, which clusters are overwritten and by what) to a file for a selection of files on the disk. This would enable me to see it after I've recovered what I can of the deleted files and brought the disk back into use. Thanks again!
  2. (I've added this to this thread since it seems to relate to most of it from post 2 onwards - apologies if you'd have preferred it in a new topic) It would be great if the tree view could have some of the information that is included in the list view - the main thing I'd like is the colour coded indication of state (so that one can see at a glance which can be recovered), but columns for the rest (last modified, comment, etc) would be good too! A separate suggestion is the ability to filter the results by state (so that unrecoverable files can be excluded) - and possibly other proper
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