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  1. i have and its normally 40 pixels lower (on my laptop i think it was 30?) changing resolution didn't change the difference in pixels (it was always 40 less)
  2. it would be nice to at least know what the current driver is, lets not set the bar too off in the distance... i think telling us our version vs current is fine. speccy is just specs, its not ment to update anything... that would be a different product we would love to see in the future from Piriform but otherwise shouldn't be expected of speccy.
  3. what is work resolution for a monitor/graphics card? it allways seems to be a number of pixels lower on the vertical? can someone explain this to me? since there's no documentation on it.
  4. sieg131

    Feature requests

    i have a question: whats the "work resolution" it shows me my current resolution and then work resolution, and for every machine i see the work resolution is the Current but 40 pixels less on the height. can someone explain that to me? and if there was explanations for things like 'work resolution' in speccy I'd love it. but other wise i haven't a complaint
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