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  1. I don't know how to "post a screen shot" of the window. I'm an old dinosaur and don't know much about computers. It took me awhile just to find ur reply! I don't know if I can find the next one.
  2. I used the CCleaner last night. My friend had me download it and run it, including "immunize". Now, my realplayer won't even open! My Windows player opens but refuses to recognize the file where my movies are! I use MP3 Rocket to download movies and am very happy with it. Now I can't play them! I want some solutions here! Please help!
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    I did one of those trial cleaner things that said I was in BIG trouble. So, my friend had me get CCleaner and helped me run it. Now my MP3 Rocket is not working properly. I'm pretty sure we "cleaned" the files for it. I didn't know how to exempt them or that it would keep my MP3 from working. What do I do? I'm a dinosaur and don't really understand a lot of computer or program lingo, so please simplify your responses.
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