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  1. Hello CCleaner_engineers, Please add this request in your features request database. I would like to see an online version of CCleaner; the reason behind this, a number of users will not be able to use the stand alone program because of some (lazy, useless, stupid) company policy which refuse to install this program and mark it as unwanted. Best Regards, Muzy
  2. Muzy

    McAfee and Ccleaner

    Thanks, I can't install it its exactly the same behavior, only the lang.dll are getting installed /showing in the folder From 2.32.1165 to 2.33.1184, I have tried every single version even 2.00.500, its the same behavior... when I click on show details (during installation), its extrating everything .exe ...etc i can see it in the output window. but the folder is empty... So you think i should open up a thread at McAfee ?
  3. Hello Community, I don't really know whats going with latest few updates of Ccleaner or McAfee file scan. It all happened after upgrade to latest CC_version; Something in the system (I believe McAfee) will not install any of the files , the only files contained inside the installation folder is the .dll lang-xxxx.dll ... .. . thats it oh and the unist.exe ???? I am not sure ? Anyone have this issue. Note: can't disable McAfee because of company policy... Regards, Muzy
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