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  1. I used CCleaner for years, and I was happy, but when the "bad things" happened a few weeks ago, I immediately uninstalled it. Now, can any member of the staff, guarantee that is completely safe now? And how can I decide if I want to install 32 bit or 64 bit version? Does the system automatically choose the more appropriate version in the moment of setup?
  2. As title says. Any suggestion on how to remove it? I uninstalled Firefox 1 year ago, but is still showed in CCLeaner. I have latest CCLeaner release, on Win 7 x64 updated.
  3. Title is clear. I uninstalled Firefox many months ago, but Ccleaner still detect it. I also tried to remove some registry entries. Is this a bug, or just how it should works?
  4. Really kindlky... Anyway, I have no longer that file. Run in safe mode, worked for delete both files.
  5. Uhm...I haven't any problems with unidrv.dll. That page you linked, seems to be related to some error messages and others. I haven't messages. Simply CCleaner wanto to delete it, but fail. About banish.exe, I tried to scan it with my antivirus (BitDefender 2014) and Malvarebytes Antimalware, and seems to not be a threat. EDIT: Running CCLeaner with PC in safe mode, works.
  6. I use the latest free version of CCleaner, and every time I try to use it, stuck at 26%, and I have to manually restart PC with the button on case. First time was a file called unidrv.dll, so after I excluded that file, but now stuck with a file called banish.exe. I can try to also exclude it, but I suppose there is something wrong. Both files are in Appdata/Local/Temp With older version of CCleaner, I hadn't this problem. I formatted PC 2 weeks ago. Primary HD is a SSD Samsung Evo 850, and I checked it a few times, and it works perfectly.
  7. I have a problem with latest 2-3 versions of CCLeaner. The History cleaning form Internet Explorer 8 don't work. I have to try it at least 3 times to have really History deleted.
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