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  1. I downloaded and used Defraggler for the first time a couple of days ago. I had a problem that caused my windows xp desktop to drop into a reboot loop. When I went to use the recovery console to straighten things out, I discovered that none of my recent restore points were usable. I've never lost restore points before this. I only lose them when I toggle system restore after cleaning some kinds of malware off. I never leave it off. Anyway the ones that I found didn't have "snapshot" available to restore the registry. If you could check this problem out it would be appreciated. Defraggler was quite a bit quicker than the windows one and I'll probably give it another try in the future. Thanks Gerard
  2. When running CCleaner and clicking check updates it used to come up almost immediately telling me if I had the newest of an update wa available. Now when I check it shows detecting proxy settings and takes a couple of minutes before I get the screen saying that I have the newest version. Is it just that the servers have been busy or is it something else. Please advise. Thanks, Gerard
  3. gaskibba

    CCleaner v2.04

    Hi, Just installed CCleaner v2.04 and found it runs slower than earlier version. I'm going to filehippo to get earlier version back. gaskibba
  4. Hi, My bad, I visited the IE7 web site took the tour and found that I hadn't looked at the favorites properly. There's three buttons at the top after you click on favorites and the defualt one is browsing history. the other two are for RSS feeeds and Favorites. I hadn't lost them. I just didn't look hard enough. CC does clean the browsing history. Gerard
  5. gaskibba

    Double posting

    I double posted a new topic. How do I remove the extra?? Gerard
  6. Title says it, when I run CC it removes my favorites in IE. I am using IE 7 and I didn't have the problem with earlier versions of IE. What causes this and how can I fix. Thanks in advance, Gerard
  7. I went to check my browsing history and except for what I followed to get to CC forums it was blank. It had already been erased!! Not kosher!!! I may never find out what site I clicked into to have whatever occur... Gerard
  8. I was browsing using Internet Explorer and clicked onto a site that had a pop-up asking me if I wanted to install "Spysweeper". I clicked the pop-closed and tryed to get out of that site. The window wouldn't close and 'Spysweeper" started to scan my computer. and wouldn't stop. I used the Task Manager to close IE down. What gives?? Is Spysweeper getting pushy or is there something else using same name?? I'll go back and check my browsing history to see if I can find out what happened. Gerard
  9. How about some tweak that saves favicons/ Thanks, Gerard
  10. Hi, could you add something that would save favicons while cleaning the cache. Thanks Gerard
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