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  1. Thanks! found and deleted Opera. Can you resend link for 2003 issues; it did not connect. Thanks, downey
  2. Greetings, I had a similar problem before but resolved. Now, even though I have deleted registry entries for Opera, it still shows in CCleaner. Any ideas where some old files may be hiding?? PS. I still have a small issue with Office 2003 showing (using Office 2007 exclusively) Thanks, D W
  3. found Foxit in H_Key_Current_User, Software. Can it be deleted or modified?? Thanks, D.
  4. I suspect you're right. I know where registry key section is but no, I'm not an expert. Can you suggest an easy way to at least identify these leftover keys? Thanks again, D
  5. thanks, but they are long gone from Add or Remove Programs, cannot find traces in explorer, documents and settings... must be somewhere in registry.
  6. Might you know why my version of CCleaner 2.32.1165, still shows some old applications present (ex. Office 2003, Foxit Reader...). As far as I can see these, are completely un-installed from my Windows XP laptop. Office 2007 in use, no Foxit files found... I already tried a CCleaner un-install and re-install, even deleting the settings file, but same effect. Thanks very much, Downey
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