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  1. Hi, It'd be really useful if the recoverable files list was populated as they're detected by the deep scan. Then when the see the file you're looking for you could stop the scan and recover the file. Other than that, the Recuva is excellent. Thanks, Matthew
  2. Perhaps if a user is recovering a pen drive or external hdd, and there are no active threads/processes depending on it, it'd be possible to lock the drive? This would mean that a user could happily continue using the computer, without possibly effecting the recovery process. e.g. I've just finished recovering data from a user with an external hard drive. It took 6 hours. He spent the rest of the day, working through his emails, and doing work that is in his My Documents. From a system admin point of view, it would be really useful to lock access to the partition/drive being recovered. Most people are happy to not use the drive/pen whilst it is being recovered, or if they're too busy, just not have it recovered. If a thread/process is sharing a drive/partition, it'd be really useful to have a list of which processes are preventing the drive from being locked, with a retry feature, that re-checks whether the drive can be locked, and if not re-generates the list, to show which processes are still using the drive. Thanks, Matthew
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