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  1. thanks a lot Willy2, at last an additional folder to clean! I think now I am obsessed with cleaning unnecessary files, it's not about just low disk space anymore.
  2. I think we have moving out of the main subject. I guess no one can recommend any more folders to clean, so this thread can be closed. it's pointless to discuss my hd problems on CCleaner forum. thanks for your interest Aethec & DennisD.
  3. thank you both for your suggestions and interest in my low hd space issue. . my way for safety is, I create 2 partitions, keep windows on 1st partition and all my personal data on 2nd partition. after a clean windows installation I also install all my necessary 3rd party software, do the necessary tweaks, and when I feel that the system is perfect, I create an image of the system and burn it to dvd. before I was doing this with 3rd party sw, but now I can do it easily from backup and restore at w7. so in case of a system failure, I restore the image, and because all my personal data is on 2nd partiton all things return to normal in minutes. I have been using this method for years and it never failed. of course if hd fails physically, that is a problem, but I am keeping backups of my data at other mediums, music at ipod, movies at dvds etc...
  4. after performing a clean windows installation, the first thing I always do is turning the bloody system restore off. so thanks for the suggestion but it's already off. hibernation is off as well, that consumes a lot off space too.
  5. C:\Windows\Downloaded Installations
  6. thanks for your reply Aethec. you are right about Downloaded Program Files, I was going to add Downloaded Installations, but accidentally I added Downloaded Program Files I guess. although it's no big deal, probably it will ask me to reinstall those ActiveX controls. do you think is it safe to delete the contents of Downloaded Installations folder? Windows Live Messenger still works after deleting the Windows Live Contacts folder. this folder came to my attention, it was over 500mb. I deleted the contents to recycle bin just to be safe, opened Live Messenger and it is working properly for me. another question, ccleaner had the options to delete hotfix uninstallers on xp, but it is not available on windows 7. isn't it possible to delete hotfix uninstallers on windows 7?
  7. Hello, I am using CCleaner very often because I have limited hd space. I have added some additional folders to clean, which you can see below. Can you please recommend me more Windows 7 64 bit folders which its contents can be safely deleted? Thanks Folders I've added to CCleaner: C:\ProgramData\Installations C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files C:\Windows\Temp
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