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  1. The CLID key (F0E3A5D7-80C7-4228-90FE-61DF01C417A5) is associated with Norton 360. A list of the Norton360 Registry entries are at: http://www.checkfile...Index/3/sTab/2/ This entry is around entry 900 of the more than 2900 entries Norton puts into the registry. I suspect that its associated with Norton's Backup feature, and as Norton is apt to do they've locked down the registry permissions on this key, as they do with most all of their keys. I have the same situation. After my ISP (comcast) dropped McAffee and switched to Norton. I've installed Norton360 via Comcast but am NOT using the backup feature, as I have other backup software I've been using with my Network Storage Unit. So each time I run CCleaner I see this issue. I've just learned to live with it, as mucking with Norton is a real rats nest. You might want to check with Norton for further details, although I've heard that they are less than helpful on how to remove or manually modify their products (except through the means they've surfaced their the GUI). Which is understandable for security reasons. FYI: I found this key info by doing a Google search on "F0E3A5D7-80C7-4228-90FE-61DF01C417A5" which is a simple way to find inco if you ever run into issues with a different CLID. Joe
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