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  1. A long time ago someone had sent me a batch file to split the rules in each INI file - think it was called Splitrules.bat - and I can not find where that is so would greatly appreciate it again please....

  2. Revised Entry

    Added FK4 = =

    [Auslogics Registry Defrag *]
    Detect1=HKCU\Software\Auslogics\Registry Defrag
    Detect2=HKLM\Software\Auslogics\Registry Defrag
    FileKey1=%AppData%\Auslogics\Registry Defrag\Logs|*.*
    FileKey2=%AppData%\Auslogics\Registry Defrag\Reports|*.*
    FileKey3=%CommonAppData%\Auslogics\Registry Defrag\*.x\Reports|*.*
    FileKey4=%CommonAppData%\Auslogics\Registry Defrag\*.x\DeliveredAction\*.tmp


  3. 6 hours ago, APMichael said:

    New Winapp3.ini entry:

    [Firefox Old Data *]
    Section=Dangerous Firefox
    Warning=The folders are created as part of the "Refresh Firefox" process and can contain important data.
    FileKey1=%UserProfile%\Desktop\Old Firefox Data *|*.*|REMOVESELF

    If Firefox Old Data is basically the same structure as %appdata%\mozilla\profiles then why not have copies of all the firefox entries and just do

        Detectfile=%UserProfile%\Desktop\Old Firefox Data *

    and for instance have the new rule for the old

      [Bookmark Backups *]


    [OFD Bookmark Backups *]


  4. 2 hours ago, Winapp2.ini said:

    I added a link directly to the Creating Entries section of the ReadMe to the top level post. For sanity/version control reasons, it's much easier to link to GitHub resources from this thread than to maintain separate copies

    Thank you for adding a link......  :)

  5. 5 hours ago, APMichael said:

    I guess it should be LangSecRef=3021 (= Internet).

    For the readme simply click on the GitHub link in the first post.


    I think it would be a good suggestion if a similar readme post could be added near the front of this thread..... here...


    OE Classic is a replacement for Outlook Express..... 

  6. New Entry

    [OE Classic*]


    Not sure of the ocorrect value for LanSecRef = can't find it documents on here...


  7. I see an entry for [Auslogics Registry Defrag*] is in the winapp2.ini but not showing up on my system. I am using windows 7 x64. The places where Auslogics is mentioned in my registry are the following:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Auslogics\Registry Defrag\11.x

    The reports are stored in "C:\ProgramData\Auslogics\Registry Defrag\11.x\Reports"


  8. 3 hours ago, siliconman01 said:

    Btw APMichael,

    Do you know how to set up Winapp1.ini so that it will not show such entries as [Twitter Metro] and several Bing entries link [Bing Finance]?  I cannot seem to find any instructions on how to do this little known trick.  

    I would assume just extract the winapp1.ini from the ccleaner.exe or ccleqaner64.exe using tghe /export command line option then edit the winapp1.ini and just comment out using ";" the lines you don't want processed.

  9. 58 minutes ago, Andavari said:

    Does this look right to exclude that whole path you refer to?

    Couldn't get it to exclude using a path, however I got this to work as intended:

    Also the way you suggest to restore Cortana functionality does not work if Cortana is purposely disabled by the user, and the user is instead just using it as a normal local search, hence the reason I use a batch script to restore the functionality.

    Please share the batch script you mentioned.....

  10. 20 minutes ago, dvdbane said:


    ej-technologies seem not connected to OxygenXML except for their java app being used by OxygenXML same like Jdownloader

    [Oxygen 14 *]
    DetectFile=%ProgramFiles%\Oxygen XML Editor 14
    FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\VirtualStore\Program Files*\Oxygen XML Editor 14|*.properties;*.log
    FileKey2=%LocalAppData%\VirtualStore\Program Files*\Oxygen XML Editor 14\.install4j|*.log
    FileKey3=%LocalAppData%\VirtualStore\Program Files*\Oxygen XML Editor 14\dicts|*.txt;*.html
    FileKey4=%LocalAppData%\VirtualStore\Program Files*\Oxygen XML Editor 14\lib|*.txt|RECURSE
    FileKey5=%ProgramFiles%\Oxygen XML Editor 14|*.properties;*.log
    FileKey6=%ProgramFiles%\Oxygen XML Editor 14\.install4j|*.log
    FileKey7=%ProgramFiles%\Oxygen XML Editor 14\dicts|*.txt;*.html
    FileKey8=%ProgramFiles%\Oxygen XML Editor 14\lib|*.txt|RECURSE
    ExcludeKey1=FILE|%ProgramFiles%\Oxygen XML Editor 14\.install4j\|files.log

    - change Detect to DetectFile


    found the entry, 2013 :lol:


    Be great if the Detect would be changed and not have to use DetectFile......  One could go to https://www.oxygenxml.com/contact.html and see if a better registry key could be used.....

  11. [Oxygen 14 *] shows up on my system but I just have JDownloader software, not sure what the entry is tied to.  I have included the export of the HKCU\software\ej-technologies





    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ej-technologies\exe4j\jvms\c:/users/galloway/appdata/local/jdownloader v2.0/jre/bin/java.exe]



    "allinstdirsjdownloader2"="C:\\Users\\Galloway\\AppData\\Local\\JDownloader v2.0"
    "instdirjdownloader2"="C:\\Users\\Galloway\\AppData\\Local\\JDownloader v2.0"

    Suggest the [Oxygen 14 *] detect be modified ......

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