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  1. Hello: I've never had this "problem," but apparently my son (who doesn't live close) has, and I would appreciate any comments regarding this: He has installed and run CCleaner fore the first time, ever. When he clicks on Cleaner icon, and then the Analyze button, the program just runs, and runs, and runs. I guess he's up to about 20 minutes or so, and had to shut it down. Is this likely a hang-up, or for the first time ever scanning, it really takes these kinds of times ? Or,... ? Thanks, Bob
  2. Hello: I tried to delete some Norton AV stuff, and ran into all sorts of problems. Apparently it hung up in the middle of the un-install, and left all sorts of incomplete Registry keys and bad Registry items. The result being that I get heaby vertical black bands in the Control Panel Add Or Remove Programs listing. Others have said that this is a common problem when trying to remove Norton stuff. Anyway, it was suggested to me that CCleaner will solve my problem. I'm a new user, and not too sharp with this stuff. What do I do (exactly), please ? Thanks, Bob
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