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    Ramzy, I too am very happy for this new update. It brings me hope. For the past month, 9 out of 16 Windows servers have been crashing with event id 2019, nonpaged memory depleted. They fail in 3 categories, 2 days, 4 days and 7 days consistently. Between poolmon and windbg kernel debugging I have resolved that it is a ntfs leak and have not been able to pinpoint the exact cause. Typically, these servers run for 200-400 days between reboots, and failure every 2 days, or 4 days is quite bothersome. I stumbled across this memory posting of yours just today, and after seeing that Piriform says it has "Improved algorithm and better memory usage" and "Improved memory leak detection mechanism" I am very hopeful this may be the answer to my issue as it has been to yours. I believe our issue is similair at different levels. Yours was the amount of memory used during the process, and mine is the leaking of memory through prolonged use which hopefully directly relates to your issue. Thank you for your constant pushing of Piriform in this forum over the past few months because nothing gets corrected unless they know about it. I am a huge fan of Piriform and also thank them for the appearance of listening to this forum even though it is bad corporate policy for them, or any other company, to say "oops". The end result is all that really matters and Piriform seems poised to want to take market share so they can be bought out by Microsoft like Sysinternals and make lots of money. I applaud their focus, fixes and all of those like you Ramzy, that combine to make a better product. - sidenote: if this does resolve my issue, I will return to detail my experience so that others using previous versions of Defraggler can find a quicker resolution than I have found, a month later.
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