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  1. You are right. I didn't have have the wipe free space checked....the dummy I am. Thanks for the response.
  2. I love CCleaner. It does a fantastic job of cleaning up my pc, but the wipe free space no longer seems to work. When I choose the option to wipe free space (OPTIONS > SETTINGS > select a partition > select wipe MFT) and then run the cleaner, it cleans all the regular temp files just fine, but the wipe free space does not appear to run. The cleaner runs and finishes in just a few seconds. It did wipe free space successfully when I first installed CCleaner a week ago. That was on another partition. Have tried it on all my partitions now with the same no result. Tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling but no change. Attached are two images of the state of cleaner after running a clean and another image showing my settings. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks. ccleaner v2.30.1130, Win XP SP3
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