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  1. I've tossed my hat in, I'm not going to go chasing down devs 'busy with real life' because I am one.
  2. Actually I found this thread via googling and found that my question had not been answered yet. I'm loving piriform's welcoming committee, but would appreciate an answer with my sarcastic welcoming.
  3. Need to add my "I need to know" as well. I use liberkey on a network drive to keep four of my computers' settings synchronized. I also use it to provide tech support. ( "Download this .zip file, open this program, tell me this code, and I'll have all of my tools and be able to remotely assist you" ) Because I don't want to deal with four different systems and keeping them all up to date, I use liberkey on their hard drives with the programs I use. Ccleaner is one of them. I use it to remove bloatware, clean up registries, etc. Backups are easy. I drag and drop the liberkey directory. Reinstallations are trivial. I just hit 'enable file associations'. I need to know if I need to remove ccleaner from my liberkey and switch programs, or if I can continue using it as I have it. Please respond ASAP.
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