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  1. Not that I'm aware of, although the particular user who runs this every night always uses the WFS option.
  2. Hi All, I've been using CCleaner for years now but have come across a strange problem that appears to occur straight after running CCleaner with the "Wipe Free Space" option enabled. Recently I installed CCleaner (v2.29.111) on two PC's at a clients site, because they wanted the ability to totally erase deleted files. Now after they run CCleaner with the "Wipe Free Space" option enabled, they can't access any of their network drives. There appears to be two symptoms:- 1. The drive letters are still there and accessible, but they can't see any of the files or folders that are on the network drives (I have not seen this, but the client tells me this is what happens). 2. The drive letters are still there, but appear to be disconnected (with a red cross on the drive icon) and it prompts for a username and password when attempting to view the contents of the drive - which will not accept any valid username or password that is used (I've experienced this symptom). A quick reboot seems to resolve both of the symptoms, which is a mild annoyance but I would like to see if we can make it just work without having to fiddle around. Any Suggestions? Chris
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