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  1. Many of us HAVE VALID REASONS to use portable apps. You questioning why I want to run it in a portable fashion doesn't address at all the problem at hand here. My reasons are my reasons. I don't need you to judge or decide if they're good reasons or not. So I want to run CCleaner portably. You tell me what LiberKey "looks like" to you without being a user. You advise me to run CCleaner's portable version seperately without even considering that I'm using a portable SUITE because I'm interested in running a multitude of portable programs. So you're NOT helping. And I really don't think you're actually trying to help, although you might think you are. You're trying to defend Piriform, and tell me how I can find a way to use their software DESPITE the fact that they, as a company, are completely ignoring LiberKey's attempts to include them in the LiberKey portable suite, which IS the problem at hand. I have valid reasons to use portable apps - LOTS of them. I like CCleaner. CCleaner was previously included in LiberKey, which is HANDS DOWN the most user friendly and easily updatable portable suite out there. Piriform made changes that now mean that LiberKey has to contact them for permission to include their apps, WHICH LIBERKEY HAS TRIED MULTIPLE TIMES. Piriform seems to have ignored these requests, which means I that will no longer be using Piriforms apps, as much as I like them, because they are FAR easier for me to replace than LiberKey. That's all I said, and there's no need for you to try to "help" me around that, especially without understanding my situation. Thanks anyway. Piriform, as a company, should resolve this problem. I'm not at all interested in how few steps I can implement a work-around if they won't.
  2. Why didn't I think of that? I'm gonna do that for all 168 portable apps in the LiberKey ultimate build. Who needs a front end when I can just navigate 168 directories on my flash drive?
  3. I used PortableApps for a long time. I've used CCleaner for a long time. I've used LiberKey for a long time. So I guess one of us is not talking about how anyting "looks". And that said, I stand by my statement. I love CCleaner. And yet I'll dump it in a heartbeat to stick with LiberKey. LiberKey is THAT good.
  4. I only ever tried Liberkey because they included CCleaner. But they are so much better than any other portable suite, that I'll now easily switch to using any of the multitude of other free apps that do what Piriform's products do before I'll stop using Liberkey. Piriform should wise up and get this taken care of, because they are SO much easier to replace than Liberkey. JMHO.
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