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  1. Hi, I have quite a specific question, perhaps in future versions of CCleaner the box could be worded a little differently so others will be sure. But my question is that in Windows 10, CCleaner will open a little window saying "Microsoft Edge Cache Database and Internet Explorer needs to be closed to clean the Internet Cache.; Do you want CCleaner to close Microsoft Edge Cache Database and Internet Explorer?". If I tick the box to not be asked again, and then click on close the Edge cache database and IE - Will it always automatically close them and clean them in future (as I want it to do), or will it simply not ask again, meaning that in future cleanings they will not be closed or cleaned because I have not been prompted? Thank you for enlightenment anyone who knows...
  2. No, it doesn't... I have tried this you know! You are right in that the websites are named in settings.sol, I had not looked at it in notepad. In that case you would have to get rid of your settings as well. The default settings are not too bad, so I personally will sacrifice settings to get rid of the cookies. The cookies have their own folders in that Flash folder as well as in setings.sol. CC does NOT clean out the Flash folder, not unless you add it as a custom folder and I wonder why you keep saying it does? I've tested this twice now on different computers and CC leaves the Flash folder completely alone. This makes native support for Flash cookies even more important for CC, since as you pointed out, there is no easy workaround then after all sadly.
  3. I'm hoping it might not be too difficult to keep the settings, since it is a cookie just as you say, but in my experience, it has been the only one with a .sol suffix. The other cookies seem to have their own folders. CC would need to delete everything except "settings.sol" in that folder. I hope to get chance today to try adding "settings.sol" to the list of cookies to keep and see if CC will recognize it and keep it. If so, then I have a good workaround, until hopefully it will be added properly to CC one day... If not, then it feels really "kludgy" but I am thinking of a small batch file that will copy settings.sol to c:\temp (or some safe location if that folder is set to be cleared out as well). Then the batch file will call CC and let it do it's job, including clearing out everything from the Flash cookies folder. The batch file will then copy settings.sol back into the Flash folder and terminate. Possibly you might want it to delete the copy of settings.sol as well before ending. Most people who run CC are interested enough in security to want to clear out cookies, so I think a lot of them would not be happy to know the dirty tricks of the long-term/permanent cookies that are stored by Flash and Silverlight completely seperate from your web browser. I know most reading these fora however will know a lot about computers and so none of this is likely to be news to them - That's why I would have like to see it included as an option (default option possibly?) in CC for less expert users who are also concerned about security.
  4. Sorry, I did not understand you - I took you to mean that it WAS deleting Flash cookies (that is what you said after all), when it does not. You have to manually add the folder as I said. Deleting the settings is a drawback I agree and is a good reason why I think proper support for Flash cookies should be written into CC. It should be a minor bit of coding to put a checkbox in there, so users can have the cookies deleted, but CC will leave the settings.sol alone. I maintain that it seems a shame to me, that this is not an included option. As for it being discussed before, I know, but I wanted to add my voice to those asking for it to be included in CC, but I ALSO wanted to mention Silverlight, as it is doing much the same. BUT it is much harder to remove their cookies (from what I have read) as they are in many folders, not just one and also they are encrypted. For this reason I have uninstalled Silverlight on all the systems I oversee, until I know more about any potential security issues with them.
  5. Hi again JDPower and thank you for your help! I had to double-check my facts first, so I installed the latest version on a well-used system (XP Home, SP3, all updates and latest CC). I ran CC twice and rebooted, then went to the options page for Flash: http://www.macromedia.com/support/document..._manager07.html There were lots of Flash cookies still on this computer as well, dating all the way back to when it was new. I had to manually add cleaning the folder to CC. I did a search for the name of the cookies and it turned out (at least in this case), they were all living in: C:\Documents and Settings\[user Name]\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\macromedia.com\support\flashplayer\sys This folder would need to be added for each user on the computer, but that computer only had the one. So I don't think CC is getting rid of all the Flash cookies after all? So unless you have set your storage space on the Flash control panel to zero, you should find there are Flash cookies still on your computer as well.. Thank you very much for all of your help and the kind reply!
  6. I was using the most recent version of CC last year, when I came across an article on manually deleting flash cookies. I ran CC and checked, there were still flash cookies on my computer, some had been there for months from what I could tell. So unless there was something wrong with my installion, are you sure yours is deleting ALL your flash cookies?
  7. I agree totally of course! I was suggesting that "keep only the most recent" could be a good option to add to cleaning files. That way you could use it for keeping only the current theme IF YOU WISHED by selecting the folder where the custom themes are kept. I thought it much more likely it would be useful for deleting old back ups for example, as I said in my post also.
  8. Hi Ishi, Thank you for responding, but if you could read the article I posted the link to, to see if you read it the same way I do? You apparently do not have to save the theme manually to have it save, as it auto-saves as a new theme every time you change the wallpaper, screensaver, or whatever. If you often change something, you could end up with quite a list of them apparently. Potential embarassment even, if your friends see that you once had a screensaver of a cuddly kitten or someone loaded an embarassing picture of you at a party as a wallpaper?
  9. I am still a happy XP user, but I was reading the ideosyncratic way that Win 7 saves multiple copies of themes ("Prevent Win7 from saving duplicate themes" via http://windowssecrets.com/links/wg50tsx91m...F%3Fn%3Dstory1) That made me realise that there could potentially be an extreamly useful option for deleting files in a selected folder - How about an option that would delete all files in a folder EXCEPT for the most recent one? This would solve the duplicate themes problem in Win 7 by simply adding the folder and enabling this option. It would have lots of other uses though, such as removing old back-ups automatically, just saving the most recent one. Just a thought.
  10. I've been adding to the custom folders to remove the Flash cookies and Silverlight ones (at least those I can find). CCleaner is wonderful in that it relatively easily allows me to add these things, but I wonder how many users are aware of these cookies and have added them? It would be wonderful if they could be included by default in future releases?
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