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  1. Awesome! I got it to work. However, i had to do a "work-around, as i still couldn't extract the files to the ccleaner folder using winrar. What i did was open up the folder and drag your modded .ini file i dl'd onto my dektop. Then i opened up the ccleaner folder and dragged the file from my desktop to the ccleaner folder. I closed that up, started up ccleaner, and it is now in the applications folder down at the bottom. i tried it and it works. but i had to UNCHECK all the other apps so they don't get deleted...lol. Great job, thank you very much for your patience and help. i appreciate it! The uac doesn't have anything to do with it...it's an Iron issue, I'm assuming. i posted all this just in case anybody else using my OS was having the same problem trying to extract the .ini file to the ccleaner folder, because for whatever reason, it wouldn't do it. I just realized as I'm typing this one might be able to do it by right clicking on the file and "run as administrator". I had to do that to get iron to be my default browser. When i click on the install icon i had to right click on it, select "run as admin", then it installed and i was presented with the option to make it my default browser. Hope this is of some help in return!
  2. Thank you for your response. I tried this exactly the way you said, but i get a message saying access is denied. Cannot create winapp2.ini. Does this have anything to do with uac? I tried turning that down, but it doesn't help. I should mention i'm using win 7 pro 64 bit. Also, i was able to look the contents of that file and all i see is this...LangSecRef. I should also mention that the ccleaner is in C:\Program Files (x86)\CCleaner ; 3021 = Applications ; 3022 = Internet ; 3023 = Multimedia ; 3024 = Utilities ; 3025 = Windows ; 3026 = Firefox/Mozilla ; 3027 = Opera ; 3028 = Safari There is nothing about iron in there.
  3. Wow...i don't know how to do this. I trid dl the .ini file to the install folder, but it didn't show up in ccleaner. Aslo it doesn't even mention iron. Can anybody make an easy to use guide (step by step) on how to do this? I'm not used to messing with ccleaners inards. Thanks.
  4. Hi...I'm a new member here, (obviously), and i just wanted to ask the powers that be here include a web browser to ccleaners list. I love this little program and have used it with great results with IE7 and 8, Chrome and firefox. I have recently just switched to Iron from Srware. It's very much like chrome, except they don't track you like google does. It's an awesome browser, and would love to be able to use ccleaner with it. I can use iron's controls to delete history and browsing data, it's almost identical to chrome, but it's NOT a clone. But it's almost identical. The makers wanted to make it similar to chrome because it's so easy and has a very simple interface. I have tried firefox 3 times, but i just can't get used to it and can't get myself to like it. Anyway, if you guys can add Iron to ccleaner, that would be awesome. I have informed the Iron admin of this and he wanted to know what errors occur when i try to use it, and i informed him it isn't even in ccleaners list, but acknowledges it when i look for programs to delete. Thanks for your time and attention to this matter.
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