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  1. Yes... Think of it as taking another PC's hard drive out and hooking it up via USB to your PC so it shows up as an external drive (say the F: drive for example). We want to be able to run CCleaner on the external drive (F:) and clean all / most of the places that CCleaner cleans the C: drive. We would definitely want All Users temporary files to be deleted.
  2. Developers: can you please add this ability to an upcoming build? There are others who have requested this functionality as well. Thanks
  3. Hi, Love CCleaner - it does a great job. We do a lot of virus removals and usually use CCLeaner to remove all the temp files before we do the virus scan. Sometimes the virus infection is so bad that we need to scan the hard drive externally with a different computer so the infections don't have a chance to load before the scan. We would like to be able to clean out the temp files etc. of an external windows hard drive. Can you please add the ability to do this? Windows temp, all users temp, IE temp etc. Thanks for making such a great product
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