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  1. Done and done. It is a false positive. Vipre just upgraded their software and are aware of this false positive problem. Thank you.
  2. My security software is Vipre from www.Sunbelt-Software.com, no I did not download the update for ccleaner. Sorry, I thought I posted this under Ccleaner bug reporting. I'll get my software company on the line in just a moment. Thank you.
  3. Good afternoon, There is a Trojan located in ccsetup228{1}.exe on both download sites. I'm so glad my security software caught it before the download!
  4. I feel pretty sillly now that I have discovered the answer, as it is very basic. The browser needs to be cleared! Harmony
  5. Hello, Since installing the lastest version of Defraggler on my computer, running Win XP Service Pack 3, and IE 8 all the files won't defrag. I check to see what they are, and it's a couple of .swf files from a social newwork site, that are located in the temporary internet file (the sub file created when you delete your browsing history, etc.). I manually go into the temporary internet file and this sub file is "faded out" and nothing can be done with it. I shut down the computer for the night. The next morning, I turn it on, manually go into the cookie and temporary internet file, select all and delete and then I can complete the defrag process and the report shows 0 files, 100% complete. Can anyone explain this? Thank you for your help. Harmony
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