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  1. Perhaps there "may be something" in Add/Remove Programs that lets you remove and install Windows components from either the install CD or .cab archives.

    there's actually a setup_wm.exe file in WMP's program files folder. but when i run it, it refuses to run since it tries to install an older version :blink: . i wish i could use windows update through IE since that has administrator mode. but oh well.

  2. i'm using vista. i though i mentioned that... oh well


    anyways, i have absolutely no idea how to reinstall it since there's no installer for vista. only for xp.


    as for re-registering WMP dlls, i'll try that but i wonder if it will actually do anything...

  3. starting today, wmp11 has honestly started pissing me off. i don't know what i did but this screenshot should hopefully explain some of it




    as you can see, i can't select a visualization even though there should be several that already came with wmp11(there were a couple before...). the bottom part of it that's supposed to contain extra stuff(SRS effects, volume stuff, etc...) is completely blank?and video doesn't show up at all when i play any video file.


    anyone have any idea on what happened or if i can fix all of this. it's quite annoying...

  4. i use mIRC. you don't have to pay for it. it's free even though it's kinda annoying to get the program started since it begs you to pay for it. i also use NoNameScript for it.


    as for Miranda, i use it for everything but IRC. i like the ability to have a tabbed IRC interface with the ability to minimize to tray.

  5. go with Nod32. i've heard great things about it. if you need something free and powerful, AVG is very good. it's really light on resources too.


    as for firewall, you don't really need one if you have a router. but it you must have one, i've heard great things about Outpost.

  6. I think with the new sse4 instructions the Divx encoder is better than anyother mpeg4-asp encoder out there but then again, VC-1 or H.264 is a few better encoding standard anyway.

    what does sse4 have to do with how good it is? sure it might be a little faster but DivX is certainly not the best in terms of encoding and decoding. Xvid is what you want.

  7. Outlook express has been replaced by windows live mail which is actually quite good. If you switch to it you can just import your settings over and get a much better client:

    Windows Live Mail requires the .NET Framework 2.0. EVIL!!!

  8. Couple of questions guys.


    First, has anyone tried out the new Netveda Firewall? I used to use it a long time ago, but cant remember why i switched. Any good?


    Second, is Outpost a good firewall, compared to the others, and is anyone using it?


    Third, can you have two firewalls installed, as long as only one is running?


    Fourth, if I set everything to BLOCK ALL, can i just allow items that i use on a regular basis, and keep other items from "phoning home" per se and still be able to use the programs?


    Thanks guys!

    1: i did. i got rid of it because having it around was useless. it also didn't work right when i tried adding a blocklist. It also blocked slashdot for some weird reason.


    2: Outpost had a 100% blockage rating on some firewall leak test website; and yes, it is very good.

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