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  1. Thanks but in the meantime if you can remove that popup message that wont let me do anything until I close it that would be great too. I am not on my laptop on a daily basis and every time I use it I get a popup from CCleaner about an update every time I open the program.
  2. You used to just show text on the bottom corner about an update. Since this program has an update every three days, I hate that every time I open it, I cannot do anything until I close that annoying popup about an update. I probably updated this program over 1000 times over the years and it still works the same way it has since back then. I do not need all of those updates for programs that I never use or heard about.
  3. OK well if they can somehow add an option to exclude TuneIn cleaning that would be great.
  4. Hello, I have used CCleaner for my computers for years and I am surprised at the amount of upgrades done just about weekly. I probably updated CCleaner over 100 times. However the CCleaner Android app is very limited. Is it due to the technology being different that you have to hire out the work thus limiting the upgrades? I wish the Android app had an option to select which apps to clean one by one. For example, I do not want my TuneIn app cache cleared when using the CCleaner Android app. I also wish the CCleaner app could remove image and sites visited Cache from the Chrome App if that is possible. Thanks.
  5. how the heck did I miss that when it is right in my face? lol thanks for the screenshot. This feature works too! I wish all programs would offer that option since m$ won't EDIT Oh wait this effects all programs? Hmm, is it possible to make it only limit that option for CCleaner or maybe a more advanced feature to display a list to select which programs skip UAC warning?
  6. Hmm I do not have that option and I have the latest CCleaner free version. You must have a small resolution if you need scrollbars, I can see the whole program without scrollbars.
  7. In the changelog for the latest version it states: v3.19.1721 (24 May 2012) - Added option to skip User Account Control (UAC) warning. I do not see this option and when I click on the CCleaner I still get the Windows 7 popup to open program. Please let me know if I understand this correctly or if there is an option to select to disable the Windows 7 warning when I open CCleaner. Thanks.
  8. You make a lot of great updates to CCleaner, is it possible you could password protect the cookie management screen? There are various reasons why but the main reason would be so that prying eyes cannot see every single site that I like to visit. I know that cookies are stored in the browser as well, but a lot of people are not that tech savy but they can easily locate the cookie tab in CCleaner.
  9. Oh wow, that is totally hidden How about the bug that has existed forever on every computer with different operating systems where it doesn't display all cookies for some reason? I get lucky when the full cookie list is actually shown.
  10. Hello, you release a lot of great upgrades to CCleaner. Could you please also add a backup and restore option for CCleaner settings? I recently bought a new laptop and it is taking me some time to get all of my saved cookies to store and such. Since the cookie problem cannot be resolved easily, can you allow us the option to type in the cookie domain manually? Thanks
  11. Hello, this bug has existed for a few months but I never reported it as I thought you guys would fix it since you release so many good updates for CCleaner. In the earlier versions of CCleaner, when I visited a site, I would open up the program and go to Options > Cookies and you would see the list of cookies on the left and I can click on the arrow to move the selected cookie to the "Cookies to Keep" section to prevent CCleaner from removing cookies from certain sites. When I visit sites like DigitalPoint.com I noticed that the cookies do not appear in the CCleaner menu for me to try and keep them. This wasn't a problem before but a few versions back this problem has occurred. This bug happens on my Windows XP desktop and my Windows 7 laptop. If I continually open and close CCleaner then eventually the cookie will appear on the list.
  12. I used the Recuva tool after running a lot of Wipe Free Space options (1 - 7 pass secure overwrites options each time) and Recuva was still able to locate files I had deleted from over six years ago. I just noticed the Gutmann overwrite option, will that remove those files for good? Also, does it actually improve the performance of the drive, or will it just replace readable files with unreadable misc data? Thanks
  13. OK thanks. Yeah I just remembered that years ago I found a good site on tips to speed up Windows XP and I disabled that option.
  14. Hello, I love your CCleaner product and thank you for doing such a great job. However it would be great if you could provide more details regarding new features that are extremely vague. I never even heard of "MFT" before, and I tried searching the term and didn't find anything relating to a PC term. Could you please explain what the new MFT clearing option does? Thanks.
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