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  1. x64 support! thanks! =D
  2. yeaah a gadget for windows 7/vista would be great!
  3. yeah.... another suggestion this one i had when i went to a party. i have a 500gb hard drive, partitioned in 2 parts of 250 gb each. so.... defraggler could have an option to "queue" defrags.... so, i put there: defrag c: then d: so when defraggler finish to defrag c: it starts to defrag d: that's it
  4. yeah, something like the "download finished" of firefox
  5. hmmmmm...... got it..... so, make a linux based version, so we could create legally a defraggler live cd kidding... yeah..... maybe a defraggler live is impossible to be done... thank you
  6. they're files that the system is using, so you can't defrag them... if defraggler had a live version, you could defrag this files... like this: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=25915
  7. I use defraggler for a long time, and i like it so much. but i obsreved that it dowsn't defrag the system files, 'cause theyre in use, so it can't be modified. so my suggestion is: Make a defraggler bootable cd. just like the GParted Live (but gparted os not a defragmentig tool). so, if you could run Defraggler from a CD, you could defrag all the system files. it will be very useful. thank you
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