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  1. Hazelnut, thank you. I hope my enquiry will be of use to many others with the replies I've had so far.
  2. Thanks Dennis, good advice. As for being an expert well we'll see.
  3. Well, fair enough - I accept my slap on the wrist!
  4. I am an average computer user who likes to keep the machine running as well as I can. I am not any sort of geek (I don't mean that maliciously) and I use the computer for everyday things, e-mail, Internet, letters, couple of very small databases etc, etc. I have been using CCleaner for some time now having picked it up first on a computer magazine freebie disc. So far nothing untoward has happened and CCleaner tells me it has analaysed and cleaned a lot of rubbish off the machine. Wonderful, more space and the machine works well. But what is it all. What do all the headings under t
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