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  1. Fireryone, I haven't checked lately, but last week I think it was the Windows Drivers supplied by ATI (not Microsoft or Dell in my case) for Win7 were still a beta. I'm more familiar with NVidia cards and drivers, but my latest laptop has the same card you do, and looking at the drivers on their site, they seems to be a segregation between their laptop drivers and their desktop series. I installed the version for laptops and the general catalyst drivers on seperate occasions...I had too much trouble not with Speccy, but other programs that weren't recognizing the video card properly, so I went back to the win update version and all is well.
  2. I was referring to how the memory handles the data flow. In DDR3 it is only 2 channels, the up and the down stream. In DDR2, they have it set for up, down and a third channel for data flow. Those are the channels I was referring to. Speccy doesn't report those from what I can see, and it would be under the Motherboard anyway, not the memory. The term 'channel' has 2 meanings depending which part of the system you refer. In your case, DDR3 RAM=2channel, the MB can handle 3 channels of memory (but still only 2 channels of data flow per RAM chip) I wasn't trying to insult anyone, the researching is a statement to everyone, not just the one person I mentioned. EDIT2: But I stand true to what I said, people, do some research first before you determine something isn't being reported properly. Like you said the memory itself is dual channel, and that is where the info was found in Speccy, under memory and not the motherboard. EDIT: AJ, what part of CT you in? I'm up in the NE corner.
  3. OK, seems to work real well in 7 Ultimate x64. Detects everything properly for the most part. I also have an ATI card, and it worked fine. -+It doesn't seem to handle the new Intel i7 chips ideally, the Intel gadget will show an overclock, but Speccy doesn't match up exactly. But I love the breakdown (BUS, clocks, etc) of the procs! Maybe the ability to override the Intel i7/i5/i3 overclock settings as an added feature? +I love the environmentals, exactly what I have been looking for for some time! Add some more for GPU and everything else! +As far as the celsius vs farenheight, keep it celsius, it is easier that way (and yes I am an American). Everything in the science community is in metric, 90% of the tech documents for performace at a certain temp are all at C also. There is no functional reason to change it for those who can't multiply and add. For those in need, it is F=C*1.8+32. Or even easier, under 75C, OK, over 75C, you'd better have more recent hardware to handle the temp. The i7 for instance is rated normal operation at 100C, I don't start getting worried until about 90C, which it has never hit, even under full load. -More information, such as hardware driver versions. -Ability to analyze a remote system, agentlessly. -Add DirectX info -If there is a way, a list of manufacturer locks on drivers. For instance, Dell likes to lock the graphics drivers so they can only be updated via Dell. A list of locked drivers would help a lot with headaches :-) -Add MS log file analyzer to hunt for potential issues or hidden patterns. -Maybe add simple/lightweight benchmark suite and then u/l (verify) them to compare with other users. Another great product, thank you Piriform! I use all your products in my arsenal! Also, Giorgio, DDR3 is not triple channel. DDR3 only supports dual channel at this time. The 3 does not reference channels. It seems that much of the reported wrong information is actually an issue with the interface between the chair and the keyboard, and not the product. People, learn what these things mean and the intricate differences between them before you go and say that it is broken. Please visit the Wikipedia DDR3 article to explain the various speeds. DDR3-1333 (aka PC3-10600) runs at 667mhz w/166mhz clock speed, which Speccy is reporting on your system.
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