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  1. Oh No Picablu, I thank You for your imput. Everyone has their own way of doing things. I love to read how others do the same things. I like what you said and will try i. It does seem easy. I might like it better then my way. We all can learn from each other. 100 minds are better then one. I thank you very much for responding. I thank EVERYONE for responding. I didn't care about the amount of left over files, I knew they were just MS files, but it was the time. It just took so long. But I love all of Piriform programs. I must use CCleaner like 30 times a day.
  2. Humm Thanks yes what you say sounds right and thats what i thought too. But I'll have my laptop and the westernal Digital HD pluged in and if I forget to unplug it, and I run CCleaner ...... wooo the HD comes alive and starts churnning and running. No Nobody but me can use any of my computers, (an IT thing I guess, want to see e1 else's computer but mine is mine...LOL) No I never entered a include or exclude files. I just did it again just now by mistake and ccleaner deleted 1,500 items, but I went and looked at the HD and it seems that nothing is missing. Can it be that there is a recycle bin
  3. ok now i Forget them....... oh wait, ok, you have the color boxes, but no code to tell us what they mean. but now to the main question. I have been useing both yours and for a long time Auslogics. I just noticed that both yours and auslogics do not defrag all the way. It shows lots of left over files, as a matter of fact both programs shw and defrag the same exact numbers, but Auslogs does it in about 2 minuets and yours in about 10 minuets. Why? I mean in some things slow is good, wink wink...LOL. buttttt But I guess the defrag free space is what it is for. I havn't tried it yet, because
  4. Hi e1, This is not a bug report but was a "Just Wondering Report." When I run "CCleaner" what drivers does it clean? A to Z? The reason I ask is because a couple of times I was running CCleaner & it was deleteing files on my zip drive and or my Western Digital Ext HD that was still pluged in. Did I miss a warning? Is this normal? Will it hurt them? Or was it just deleting the recycle bin in the ext drives? Other then that, all I know is that I been using CCleaner for like oh wow seems like years now. I probably use it like 5 to 10 times or more a day, just a habit now. Like when I start
  5. huum 8.2 seconds, or 2 seconds, hummm lets see. I think i rather have the 8.2 seconds, this way I can get a beer and it won't foam up when I pop it open if I got it in 2 seconds. Just kidding buddy, I just in a good funny mood today wishing Piriform would come up with even MORE great programs. TY Piriform.
  6. Just to let you know. I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 (32-bit) and Dell Inspiron 1545 (64-bit) both running Windows -7 Professional. I ran "Speccy" on both and it worked perfectly. Even the Temps, although I rather see them in Far then Cel, but that's not the point. This message is just to let you know, that on these two types of laptops, all your fields were filled in and correct. Nothing missing or incorrect. You have a great product here, I like the no install, so this way I can keep it on my "Zip" and when a friend or family ask me something I can get some answers without installing it. Works
  7. Ok, well before I came here to the forum, I wrote down all the things I think you can add or tweek. But wow, that was useless, everything I wrote down was already typed here.. Well I still have to put in my 2cents so Yes a paper print out would be great, although I love the snap-shot you have. Good thinking for easy transfer to the techs. But I like paper so I have quick reference. Also can you add in a section for "Programs Installed" and "Updates Installed". Oh oh yes also I like what what his name said, cel to fer in temp. heck I lucky I graduated High School here in the USA OHHH yes dr
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