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  1. ssshhh about things you dont know anything about. first: ad-aware only finds a few mru's im pretty sure its still the same method since its release. second:ad aware scans take TO LONG to be effecient for deleting mru's get mrublaster from javacoolsoftware.com and compare it with your beloved adaware.
  2. well lets see whats coming in the next release maybe they add it. it would be great if you'd only need to run and install one app to clean up all the stuff on your computer. im hoping they add more cleaning for the registry and related things to windows since you can add programs for yourself to winapp2.ini i also hope they make the registry cleaning much better this way i wouldnt need to run so many registry cleaning apps i would even donate money if they'd do it
  3. it would be great if ccleaner could clean up more stuff, such as MRU's then i wouldnt have to use the crappy mrublaster anylonger.
  4. how about giving the ccleaner the ability to manual search for updates(it already exists but it opens the browser) i want one that works like automatic updates but instead you can choose when to update.
  5. sorry for ninja bumping this but i really like to know whats nVidia Task Manager afterall, since i could not find anything on google about it, just some sites where people mentioned it but not what it is or where i could get it from.
  6. firstly:thanks for the reply. what i dont uunderstand is that classic2 v.1 Final skin doesnt look same as the skin used on @ the screenshot section :S oh and btw ive never heard about that nVidia Task Manager before, i thought its an utility made by entech taiwan but its something else i guess? whats it?
  7. ; Application Cleaning file ; ; Notes ; --------------------------------------- ; LangSecRef ; 3021 = Applications ; 3022 = Internet ; 3023 = Multimedia ; 3024 = Utilities ; 3025 = Windows [spyBot Search and Destroy] LangSecRef=3024 Detect=HKCU\Software\PepiMK Software\SpybotSnD Default=True FileKey1=%allusersprofile%\Anwendungsdaten\Spybot - Search & Destroy\Logs|*.* FileKey2=%Programme%\Spybot - Search & Destroy|advdebug.txt FileKey3=%allusersprofile%\Anwendungsdaten\Spybot - Search & Destroy|Statistics.ini this worked for me without any problems and Spybot
  8. out of these two(Classic2 v. 1 FINAL/Opus OS 1.5) id say that the Opus OS 1.5 is the closest one that looks like the skin usedon the screenshots i saw. but unfortunatly it seems it is not the same. could this possible because of 64-bit OS on the screenshot section and 32 OS on the deviantART link? thanks for the help so far. E: on the first link ---> http://www.deviantart.com/view/4245120/ there is a small app in the systray that looks like some app from nVidia, id like to know what kind of app it is, thanks again...
  9. Hello, Im curious.On the Mainpage(CCleaner.com) there is a "Screenshot" section with various Pictures showing off what CCleaner can do. Here are my Questions: 1.Who made those Screenshots? 2.In those pictures it looks like that the person who did the screenshot uses a skin for windows, or is it the default Skin from 64-bit/32-bit Windows 2003? 3.If it's not a default Skin made by Microsoft for Windows, where can i get or could see a Screenshot to see how it looks like? Thanks.
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