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  1. Recuva attempts to scan the drive. It eventually shows me this error message: Failed to scan the following drives: L:The device is not ready Stephen
  2. Sorry, I should have been more clear. In fact, I bought a new drive and installed a fresh copy of Windows 8 on it. I installed the old drive as a secondary drive. So Recuva runs. Like Windows, however, it does not see the drive at all. Stephen
  3. I have a Seagate 2 TB external drive that's gone wonky. Windows sees it, and shows the directory structure, but won't let me access any of the files. So I tried Recuva. I set it to look for non-deleted files. It sees the drive as well but isn't able to find anything on the drive. Is there anything I can do to improve Recuva's results? Stephen
  4. Somehow, what used to be my boot drive stopped booting. In fact Windows 8 doesn't see it at all. Can Recuva find it and recover files? Stephen
  5. Thanks, Dennis! It worked perfectly. Stephen
  6. I'd like to keep a cookie that Firefox (and separately, IE8) keeps to log me into my browsing home page (myway.com). Is there a way to do that? Thanks Stephen
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