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  1. Also the "Google Search" function is not erased. That means the GS is left intact. See https://www.yahoo.com/tech/want-clear-browser-history-beginning-191543402.html Want to clear your browser’s history from the beginning of time? Here’s how
  2. My Android device wants to load Google Play Store but there is no "Accept" button, just a "Skip" button. That is there should be 2 buttons.
  3. I recently had to re-format my hard drive. Wouldn't it be nice if the Start Menu Shortcuts and the Desktop Shortcuts were savable to a text file? Then when a customer wants to transfer the contents back from the memory chip he would have CCleaner transfer it back. In that way he would have a replica of his menu and desktop.
  4. Jefr


    OK. Try this. Knock down all other apps and resident programs including firewalls and anti-virus s/w. Break connections to internet. It sounds like some s/w is constantly changing your drive. Try Quick Defrag then Action/Defrag Drive.
  5. Can we have an option in "Speccy" to display temperatures in other scales like Fahrenheit? At least this isn't a request to show dimensions in "Smoots"
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