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  1. The task scheduler for CCleaner is set to "run only when user is logged on". When I changed the "Security options" to call my wife's account name, she stopped getting the warning message but I started to get them again. I managed to create a copy of the task with my username appearing in the "security options". Made no difference. CCleaner appears to have one ini files and it's set to skip UAC.
  2. Hi, My wife had started to get a user account control warning message when logging into her account (CCleaner runs on startup) so I stopped it by selecting the "Skip UAC" option. I logged into my account and then I started to get the warning message. My "Skip UAC" box had somehow been unticked. I ticked it again and everything seemed OK until my wife logged back into her account & started to get the same warning message. I can't get the "Skip UAC" box ticked permanently for both users. I'm running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit and the latest version of CCleaner (basic). I'm the administrator. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Steve.
  3. Already tried that. The settings weren't preserved. I can't see any of the files shown in the "Exclude" list on my PC. Strange because I don't hide any of my folders/files.
  4. Unticking "Adobe Flash Player" made no difference. I have found a solution to the problem. I unticked all boxes on the "Windows" tab and gradually added them back. You need to leave the "Temporary Files" box unticked. The only downside is that I'll have to delete my temporary files every now and again using CCleaner and then change the Google settings again. Google appears to store the Search Settings in one of the following folders :- C:\users\xxxxxx\Appdata\Local\Temp\ C:\users\xxxxxx\Appdata\Local\Temp\cookies\ C:\users\xxxxxx\Appdata\Local\Temp\History\History\IE.5 C:\users\xxxxxx\Appdata\Local\Temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content IE.5\?????\ Various subfolders. It's not obvious which file needs to put in the "Exclude" list.
  5. When I run CCleaner using my wife's user account, the Google search settings are not re-set. They are only re-set when I use my account. Help !!
  6. The file winapp2.ini doesn't exist on my PC.
  7. Just recently, CCleaner has started to clear my search settings in Google. You change the settings by doing a search and then clicking on the "Options" icon. One person has reported the same problem with Ixquick. I've updated CCleaner twice recently (currently v3.26.1888). Perhaps the problem is as a result of one of the updates. It never used to clear the Google settings. All my Google related cookies have been added to the "cookies to keep" list. Unticking "cookies" in the CCleaner main menu ("Windows") makes no difference. I have Windows 7 Professional & IE9.
  8. I removed all cookies using CCleaner and then added the Google ones back to the "keep" list. Made no difference. I uninstalled & re-installed CCleaner. Made no difference. I unticked the "cookies" box in the main menu. It should have kept the cookies. It didn't. Something somewhere else in CCleaner must be deleting the cookies. I've got IE9 not IE8. Typo.
  9. CCleaner has started to clear my Google Search Settings even though I've got www.google.co.uk (and other google cookies) in my "keep" list. Any idea why this is happening. It never used to do it. I've got CCleaner v3.26.1888, Windows 7 Professional & IE8. Thanks.
  10. Hi Dennis, Thanks for the reply. It worked. Cheers.
  11. Hi, Browser = IE8 Windows = Vista When I click on the "down arrow" on the address bar in IE8, I can see the websites that I've visted since the last "clean" and 2 lists (History & Favorities). I can't seem to delete the 2 lists using CCleaner. Can it be done? If I can't then is there a way of doing it outside CCleaner? Thanks.
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