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  1. I found the problem it was a file called $recyclebin or something, hidden. I deleted it and everything is fine. No I didn't wipe free space
  2. OKay if it makes a difference I'm using windows seven and I have a 250 GB HD and i should have about 129 gigs free on it.
  3. I have one restore point that I made today, after the error. No dice, any other suggestions?
  4. Hi I just registered to ask this question. I deleted a disk image of Wolfenstein with 35 passes and now my hard drive space is reading that I only have 699 MB's of free space. I know this is false because before I ran the cleaner I had 80+ GB of free space on my hard disk. This has happened to me once before, but running the cleaner again fixed the problem, I've tried running it multiple times after the error and it is still displaying I have very little storage space left on my hard disk, is there any way to resolve this?
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