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  1. perhaps the max bandwidth of each stick is 667MHz?
  2. Perhaps an 'External Drives' tab for monitoring external drives (including E-Sata drives as external) ? - Possibly in the distant future a feature for quickly reformatting them?
  3. yeah that's a good suggestion, would prove helpful to us and probably many others, although you could just type ipconfig in Command Prompt, a GUI would be pretty neat =)
  4. 1. THIS IS JUST A BETA! - MANY MORE UPDATES TO COME! (i hope ) 2. I'd improve on my typing before i would try to post a suggestion as it makes it difficult read and understand... 3. before piriform add all the sound/graphics card models they would need to work on the much more major bugs but nevertheless good suggestion although i cannot reproduce your problem though... 4. ITS PIRIFORM NOT PIRAFORM
  5. Suggestions: 1. Ability to save system information to various formats (.rtf | .txt | .html | etc...) 2. Information about the network card supported speeds and current speed (10Mb/s | 100Mb/s | 1Gb/s) LAN or WLAN A/B/N/G and speeds etc.. 3. A list of recommended statistics for different tasks EG: If you want to know about what hardware you should have for doing what you click a drop down menu and then click either gaming OR office OR just average computer build and a box pops up with the recommended hardware and you have options to compare with your current system... etc... Work on this idea as it would seem very helpful to many people thanks
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