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  1. Nice work Piraform team but only as your first try at a beta. To be a useful app,d bit of work remaining. For Speecy to be useful, it has to precisely ID sound and grapics card that are the top 3-5 models of choice. That is the only way any using this app will be able to DL the correct drivers as updated their OS is if your app helps them to do so.; Examples 1) Audio Card-I have a Creative Soundblaster X-Fi-Xtrememusic card. Speecy ID was Creative X-Fi "Audio Processor" That is the generic name for a class of over 15 different cards, hence not too useful. Unless I knew this info already, I would have had a tough time finding the right DL without more info. 2) Similar story on my Graphics card. I have an NVIDIA 7800 GS card. Speecy came up with only a ref to the the Nvidia 7000 series Do it better, or not a all. 50 percent is doing it on the cheap....
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