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  1. Great new program - here are my suggestions/bugs after testing it out: 1. I run a dual display. Each monitor goes into its own DVI connector on the single graphics card. Speccy doesn't see one of my monitors. Both are the same Sony SDM-X82 monitors. It only sees the primary display, not the secondary display. 2. Nowhere under my graphics card does it actually list "Nvidia" as the manufacturer of the chipset. Yeah sure it has NVxx under GPU - but it would be good if there was an entry that could say the full manufacturer name. The subvendor which to me looks like the manufacturer of the card (card brand) in my case XFX, should probably be the first item in the list, before getting into the specifics of the actual card. 3. I'm surprised it didn't show the brand name or model number of my optical drive or the full capability of it. It could easily be found in Device Manager -> Drive Properties -> Details -> Device Instance ID. This would give the manufacturer/model number and the specific type of device eg DVD-RW. In device manager my drive is shown as "CD-ROM Drive" so I guess this is what Speccy is taking (as that is how it was listed), but even that info in Device Manager is innacurate when the device is actually a DVD-RW drive. Windows Explorer/My Computer however lists my optical drive correctly. 4. "Operating System" looks a little sparce. Perhaps it should show all the accounts and type of accounts. It could also include the serial number etc. 5. In CPU - perhaps the "Name" and "Specification" which are the 2 entries that show the manufacturer name and model should be listed as the first and second items before all the technical info. 6. Onboard Network adapters (Ethernet/Wireless) could be a useful thing to see. 7. I presume at some point in the future there might be a "Software" category in the left menu that then lists all the software installed?
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