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  1. For sure, that's a better way, but it's slow. If you already know you own a duplicate, but can't remember exactly where, a quick check via name and size is better. You could also set the program to calculate MD5 when you select a file and its double (when displaying the search results), and to show a message such as "Caution! Couple matches selected criteria, but MD5 is not the same!", plus the usual "Are you sure you want to delete this file? Remember MD5 is not the same!" popup dialog on hitting the Del key. Obviously, you have to know what you're doing, while by MD5, single bit comparison and other "professional" ways you are safe you'll find real replicas. I think more options make the program more flexible and thus better, even if I wouldn't use all of them myself: that's why I asked for multiple selectable options (with checkboxes, so you can combine them as you like). Thinkin' about it, you're right. CCleaner performs quite a different job and it's fully automated (set your options, click "Go!" and you're done). For this task instead, you need control on every single result. One more request: since CCleaner integrates a safe file deletion feature, I think it would be nice to see it on this new app too. Could we ask Piriform to promote a poll on this subject and/or to open a forum section for new application concepts? Thank you all for your interest! GT
  2. I though at it as an idea for a brand new application by Piriform, but it could also be a nice addition to CCleaner. I'm talking about the ability to find duplicate files, using various, selectable criteria (same name, same size, same extension, same MD5 checksum, bit by bit comparison, etc.). It would be nice if you could select more than one criterion at time, such as "name + size" or "size + extension", via checkboxes. Another good feature could be the ability to search duplicates in a single folder, in two (or more?) specified folders and in one or more partitions/hard drives. That is: if I have two copies of a file named "goofy.jpg" on two different hard drives, I want CCleaner to tell me that (if I asked to search those two drives at the same time). Finally, it's important for me to be able to decide which one(s) of the copies that are found is to be deleted: say I want to remove "goofy.jpg" from drive C: and to keep it on drive D:, but I may also own "michey.jpg" on C: and D: and I want to choose to keep it on C:, regardless the decision I'm taking on "goofy.jpg". I think the ability to work in maximized window mode is quite important for usability, too. I'm quite sure the developers here at Piriform would be able to give to this app the clean and easy interface all their programs share. If they choose to keep it stand-alone, I suggest to call it DFinder People with more suggestions on this topic and other members saying "yes, I'm interested in this feature" are welcome to share their thoughts here! Bye GT
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