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  1. Well, I turned that off and tried it just now and it actually deleted them all this time. Odd. I suppose silly me I should have tried that before but I didn't think it was that causing a problem because the created and modified dates on some of the file sin the temp directory were definitely much older than a week and CCleaner missed them completely. With that option off though it deleted everything. Thanks.
  2. Using the latest version, though I've seen this happen on every version I've ever used. I'm on Server 2003 (SP2). I've got everything checked under internet explorer, windows explorer, everything except empty recycle bin menu shortcuts and desktop shortcuts under system, and only prefetch data and iis logs checked under advanced. I've got everything checked under applications. When I run the cleaner it does its thing, checks for files and usually if I haven't done it in a while it'll show this long list of files. More often than not it'll show the tmp directory as having the majority of deletable files. Today for instance it stated there were over 100 files in the temp directory worth deleting at over 300mb in total. And yet, when I actually run the cleaner it never deletes anything like what it first states. After I ran it today it suddenly changed its mind and deleted only 18 files out of the 100 it said it would from the tmp directory, all weighing in at a puny 100kb in total instead of the previously stated 300mb... I do have the "delete files older than 24 hours" option checked but I've looked at all the files in the temp directory and aside from a handful they're all over two or three days old. Some of them have been in there weeks. If I run the cleaner again however, now when it scans it magically comes up with zero files to delete. What's going on? I don't think this is a bug, because ever since I started using ccleaner two years ago it has done this but, the reasons why has escaped me completely until today when I finally thought it time to ask... And also if there is a way to force it to delete what it first finds instead of "chickening out" at the last minute and only deleting a selection of what it first stated. Many thanks for any help.
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