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  1. What happened was through Internet Explorer, Microsoft messaged me that an ugrade was available, and the upgrade offered was to Internet Explorer 8. I bit, and chose to upgrade. Then, various functions on this computer did not work. At this time, the computer was only about a week old. I know very little about computer science itself. I called Dell about the new problems I was encountering, and the Dell representative told me that I should not upgrade to IE 8 until Windows 8 is launched at the end of this month. The rep assured me that, as "a valued Dell customer," I would be receiving a free upgrade to Windows 8 when it becomes available. Now, though, Dell may be reneging on this promise. So, on account of this problem, and others, at that time, Dell "scrubed" my new computer back to factory settings. So, I am back with IE 7 and waiting for Windows 8 to come out. A shortcut function to the internet had to be installed on my desktop at that time of the scrubbing to enable compatiblity with Adobe Flash Player 9.0 (or is it 10.0).
  2. Hello, everyone: I am a brand new owner of a PC -- believe it or not. Mine is a Dell Inspiron 530, Windows Vista Home Premium, 64 bit with Internet Explorer 7.0 at present (though Microsoft keeps trying to upgrade me to IE 8, but Dell says it will not work w/o Windows 8 -- any opinions on this matter). My concern is that my home page keeps defaulting to the blank igoogle home page. The address of my home page is www.google.com/ig?h=en, a page with gadgets one specially sets for one's own interest. I would like to know how to avoid spending time setting and resetting these gadgets, especially after running CCleaner. I would like to set them and have them remain intact unless I decide to change the face of this home page. I followed the first advice I received to move the cookie that I assume belongs to my home page, google.com, to the box for cookies to keep. Also, in my browser, the bottom bar with the icons from Home to Tools, the address of my google home page is set under Internet Options under Tools. What I do not understand is why under the wrench icon on the Google toolbar, under Options, then Search, I cannot activate the choice that says "Enable Google as my Home Page." So, if anyone wanted more details from me, are these enough? Did someone say something about a "bug?" If so, what bug, and why do you think one is there, or where?
  3. Hi, Thanks for the tip, but I have no cookie with the name, "index.dat." What is this cookie? The closest one I have is "ig.gmodules.com." Do you know what this cookie is?
  4. How do I stop the CCleaner from erasing my Google home page each time it runs. Please be very specific as to the steps I should take to keep my home page set exactly as it is and not vulnerable to erasure by CCleaner.
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