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  1. Thanks for the response. Yes, it helped. It confirms what I suspected, i.e. that I may use "Ccleaner" for other purposes but I won't be using it to empty the recycle bin under Vista. That arrangement is too flaky and I was fortunate to escape without major problems.
  2. I am using ?Ccleaner 2.15.815? under Vista Home Premium SP2. I was using it tonight to empty the recycle bin and had it set up for secure deletion (7 times). I unchecked all the boxers in ?Ccleaner? except the ?Empty Recycle Bin? box. It was the *ONLY* box that was checked. I started running the program but noticed that while it deleted some of the files in the recycle bin, it did not delete all of them. Furthermore, as it continued to delete files (and the path message at the top of the delete window showed ?C:\recycle bin\filename etc?, I became very concerned when I noticed that the filenames it was showing were names of important files on my desktop?.files that were NOT in the recycle bin. I immediately halted the program and discovered that a number of important files on my desktop were indeed gone, files with the same names as I had seen in the "Ccleaner" delete window listed as being in the recycle bin. I also verified that I had *never* moved them to the recycle bin. Fortunately I had backups of all of them or I would have had a real disaster on my hands. Furthermore, it never did completely empty the recycle bin (probably because of the time it was taking to delete these other files). I had to finish emptying the recycle bin manually, using the normal Vista "Empty Recycle Bin" command. Can anyone tell me what happened here? I have verified that NO BOXES were checked in Ccleaner except for ?Empty Recycle Bin? while this was happening. Right now I don?t trust Ccleaner enough to use it for ANYTHING until and unless I can figure out what happened here. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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