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  1. RE: What's the difference between the two versions ? To find the difference between the different versions, search for product matrix on the Piriform web page in reference to the Professional version drop down. I had a tough time finding this and hope they will find a less obscure method of presenting this information.
  2. Thanks for the reply ! I was unable to delete this using the normal delete, even after removing the read-only setting. perhaps, the Pro version is more limited in what it can do in these circumstances. When I tried to delete it, there never was a transfer to the recycle bin. That is why I resorted to spy ware searches and as a last resort Norton's file clean up. I tried to delete the individual file, as I don't know what the numerical file designations are in the Temporary file locations. Not knowing what they are I did not try to remove the whole file.
  3. I started using CCleaner again as it now supports Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit. Lately I found that it locked up on Internet explorer temp file listed as "xxx.flv;v=1" Quotes not included and xxx is listing before the actual file. This file locked up for over an hour. I tried twice running CCleaner to no avail. I went to this file (must view hidden files) and found that it was listed as read only. I removed the read only option and it did not help. Norton's 360 and SpyBot Search and Destroy did not list it in full system scans. Norton's file clean did remove it finally, however this is after I had changed if from read only. I don't know if Norton's would have removed it otherwise. I also had problems inputting this file text into this message (could be non related) after the third try and hitting return several times it started to work. I prefer CCleaner as it lets me keep certain Cookies !
  4. In my original post and in the paragraph that starts: The folder it list....... I listed the operating system as Windows 7 Pro--64 Bit. At the very top list the pertinent hardware. My IE is version 10 > You state that Windows 7 and IE 10 are not supported as yet and that appears to be my problem ! When will they be supported ? I have been running this hardware for close to a year and really like the option to keep certain cookies !
  5. I forgot to add, that I did clear all cookies (in Internet Explorer) a couple of times when trying to correct these problems, but it did not help.
  6. Thank you for the replies: RE: Reply (1) This is my personal copy and not a business and it was downloaded from Piriform. RE: Reply (2) I do not clean every thing that is checked off, just what I have chosen. That is mainly temporary Internet files.. RE: Reply (3) I use this program as I don't want to eliminate specific cookies for specific web pages. Internet Explorer does not appear to have this option. RE: Reply (4) I ran check-disk several times in addition ran Norton's' 360 and Spybot search and destroy. Norton's' included Registry check as well as Registry Check in CCleaner (they found no problem)s. There was another post quite similar to mine listed as locking up when cleaning temporary internet files (however I posted this as I had more information) .
  7. CCleaner information from the top of screen: v3.26.1888 (64-bit) AMD Athlon II X3 445 Processor, 8.0G Ram, NIVIDIA GeForce GT 240 When cleaning Explorer files in version 10..0.9200.16438, CCleaner locks up. Files that it locks ups are random, some examples are XXXX[1].js and XXXX.jpg ! In addition if you choose cancel because you have to get onto the internet it locks up. This mainly happens (but not always) when choosing secure erase options (no matter how many passes you choose nor any other options). It occurs always when cleaning up temporary internet files. The folder it list is in C:....\Temporary Internet Files\..... I could not find this directory even in the Prompt (DOS) mode. Nor could I find this Temporary file when I have chosen to show all hidden files and directories in Windows 7 Pro 64 bit mode. When it locks up, to eliminate it I go to Windows Task manager and choose: Applications and it appeared to be gone. However, going back to processes shows it still there and one time before I learned this, I tried to run Cleaner again and found that there were multiple instances of CCleaner under Applications. Perhaps the amount of files is part of the problem, in the past versions I could just run it and walk out of the computer room and come back later. Now it has to be monitored to see when it just sets there indicating it is still running.
  8. IDM is not running when running cleaner (I always just run cleaner with nothing else running) and I have the newest cleaner. I also found that Adobe Acrobat 9.0 is not cleaned either. I will check the link listed previously, however if I want to just clean these two items it is easier and safer to go to Acrobat and IDM and delete the listings. Editing the registry is my last resort and I avoid it like the plague. If these options don't work why not just take them out of the program so that customers do not get a feeling of false security?
  9. Internet Download Manager 6.12 and newest Cleaner. I can click on the download manager in cleaner and it shows data. Click on clean it and it indicates that there is now no items there. However Download manager still has it listed and will follow the indicated link to original download to re down load file.
  10. IDM is one of the options for cleaning but it is not cleaned. IDM Version 6.11 Build 8 Full (Newest version downloaded 1 Aug 2012 in attempt to correct problem but it was not corrected) . CCleaner Piriform Version 3.20.1750 (64bit)
  11. In Windows 7 Pro (64 Bit) While working with my registry, I found thousands of web pages that I had visited over several years. These pages had a sub key of www. If doesn't help to erase visited web pages in Internet Explorer , Safari or other programs if it is still in the registry. Do a search of www in the registry and you might find over 50 Gb of unwanted data. I tried to edit out all except those I access all the time such as eBay, however it would have taken days ! I copied the main key data listing, erased the whole key and remade the original top key with the same settings. It would be nice if the registry was compared to the internet accessed listing and erased those listings in the Registry. Needles to say, my load time when booting was cut in half (as in a minute or more) !
  12. Many months ago, I quit using Defraggler because it corrupted my New Windows 7 Pro 64 bit computer drive. Has there been any up grades to prevent this? I'm afraid to try it again ! I did like its speed and options and would like to try using it again !
  13. Using: Windows 7 Pro (64 Bit computer) and it makes me bitter. I cannot add or remove from my list pane in Windows Media Player. Windows says to right click and choose delete but this does not work in any of the types of possible types of display. I can add to and subtract from my own made library but that is it. Suggest being allowed to clear the data file for the display pane to allow new media viewing and manipulation.
  14. Thanks for the information, however after running chkdsk on both C: drive and D: drives there was no error found. I did find that the same problem has also shown up in my music files on D: drive. They seem to be ok just in the wrong file location. Could both drives be giving me problems?
  15. I noticed that some files are no longer in the original file. Example a pdf file for the automobile file was found in the file on what to do when upgrading to Windows 7. This is not a problem that only occurs with pdf files, other types of files have been effected. These files when clicked on by either the right mouse button or double clicked by the left mouse button locks up Windows Explorer. To get out of the lock up, I use Ctl+Alt+Del and choose the file. It says not responding and I click to close it out. Closing it out helps but the only way to access or delete these files is with an eraser program that I have. I first noticed this problem with the last version of Defraggler (Not the Newest one, that I havent't installed as yet). I'm Using Windows XP Sp2 as I thought Sp3 might be the problem I removed it. However I don't know if the newest version of defraggler downloaded Oct 23, 2009 will help. Can any one help? I don't know if I should continue to use defraggler !
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