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  1. piriform is back !! available to liberkey!! I LOVE YOU!!!
  2. any news on that? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!! see liberkey 5?? rocks!! ccleaner roooooooooooocks 2 some on come on!! it is a great pair
  3. yes but think about if i (and everybody) have to check for new updates for many software and manually update everything ... and check very often in order to be up to date ... much wasted time! but with liberkey everything is automatic ! always the latest version automatically with just one confirmation! so why not give a prior written consent ?
  4. Hi! I happily surprised when i first saw piriform apps on liberkey.com ... but unfortunately the apps wont be updated to the latest version anymore On liberkey forums they say something about a change in the license and the need of a permission from piriform in order to be able to update the apps. Come on piriform do the magic !! We love piriform and liberkey. Is cool to have them integrated ps1. I didn't find any contact link thats why i wrote on the forum ps2. sorry for my poor English
  5. Hello! First of all congrats to all the programmers who made a useful software like this! I feel to say 'Thanks'. I registered to this forum because of a feature that is missing. I think this feature will be very useful. As i write allready to topics title: A 'add new entry' option to tools/startup. Maybe beside the 'delete entry' button! Im still using the RegCleaner software which it have no updates for more than 2 years cause of this option. I think there are lot of people who want to add their favorite program @ the startup. Anyway! This is just a suggestion. Even if you dont do it, CCleaner will be always my favorite cleaner!! Thanks! John.
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