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  1. To explain what recuva does when it deep scans. When the header information(directory entries) are deleted(disk format), there is no way to know where the file starts. So what Recuva does is look for a footprint that begins every type of file. Then it traces all the bytes till it hits a end of file marker. However it would be impossible to have every file type possible. To see this use a hex editor, and about the 8th byte in you will see a discriptor of a file, followed by the footprint(which usually contains screen size, audio, etc). Since Recuva does not have the footprint info for mkv files, it will never find them. However if you just deleted the file, the header info is still intact in the directory as it only flags the file as deleted. Recuva can modify this info to see this file and recover it. Again, unless the creators of recuva add the footprint for the mkv files, I am boned with any mkv files I have on that drive. And have learned a very valuable lesson. Make sure you look before clicking yes, and next... LOL again thanks for such a great and simple product. Neo....
  2. Nice suggestion, however this would only work with deleted files. Recuva does not cover mkv files on its deep scan feature. since I installed a OS on this drive, I need the deep scan to work with mkv file. Since it does not search for mkv files it will never find them, so filtering for them is useless.. Thanks for the Effort... Neo...
  3. This is one of the best recovery programs I have come across. I inadvertently installed windows on my Media storage drive. which contained a half a terrabyte of data. I was very happy that your program could recover a large portion of the files. However I was disappointed that your program did not recognize mkv files. Since most of my data is now using the hi def files .mkv, I am still with out a majority of my files... Thanks for a great product though... Neo...
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