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  1. Re-installed IE8 -- that was the source of problem. CCleaner is now fine...
  2. FIXED. Removed ALL Microsoft add-ons to IE. IE runs better now, too.
  3. ALSO: WHILE ICON RUNNING. THIS TEXT IS DISPLAYED: "Internet Explorer History C:\Documents and SettingsIndels.dat"
  4. 1] Windows XP Home 2] No message. Icon indicates ?cleaning is going on. Graph stops at 5%. 3] Recycle bin is empty. [Also, see 4] 4] I.E. ?Browsing history? removing tool also giving me trouble ? it sticks, too ? indicates it?s working [similar to CCleaner] ? but never stops until program manual hsid down. 5] Will try 6] Did that 7] [see 4]
  5. For several weeks CCleaner worked find. Now... well, when you select "Analyze" it functions OK, but when when you select "Run Cleaner" the progress bar will begin to indicate the program is functioning, but stops at "5%." Icon indicates it is till running, but it will remain at this point until you close the program -- at which time Windows displays a "Program not functioning" window,and asks for an error report. Any ideas?
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