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  1. So we are supposed to know everything about everything? How about you lose your attitude problem? The other forum manner made the situation clear without being rude. Perhaps try that next time.
  2. That's interesting. I'll try it and report back. Credit where credit is due - so far it does exactly what it says on the tin.
  3. Hello there. I am a Forensic IT Investigator, and I have ran an experiment with various wiping tools that are commonly available. I set CCleaner to wipe 3 times. I then examined the test HDD using Encase V6.14 While CCleaner correctly wiped the files in the Temp Internet folder (as well as overwriting the relevant MFT entries), it did not touch the index.dat at all. All of the history entries could easily be seen, the file was completely intact. Can you pease provide an explanation? The test system O/S is the latest Windows 7 RC.
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