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  1. Hello again all! Well, I am fed up with this now. Event viewer doesn't log anything extra happening when I attempt to open Recuva. Nothing. Nada. System restore would take me way back into early June ..... too much happened since then. Would be easier to forego Recuva than do that, I fear. Tinkered with Task manager and I noticed part of my Zonealarm firewall leaping up the memory scale. Disabled Zonealarm, rebooted ..... and no joy with that either. Compatibilty mode is a no-go either. Recuva flashes its welcome screen, as always, and disappears. I have stopped dozens of other processes too and I can not stop this problem. Have run out of patience now (and hair?) and I can't spend hours on this anymore. As much as it pains me to quit, that is what I am going to do. I'll just have to do without Recuva on this machine. That fact that it all (continues) to work on my desktop really grates ..... Thanks all for your words of advice and encouragement - you have been great. You are all superb examples of what is best in supportive on-line communities. My humble thanks to you folks! I shall return now and again past here, to see if anyone stumbles on a solution, but I won't be spending anymore time chasing my tail, lol! Adios amigos!
  2. DennisD I admire your patience, and thanks again. Spent some time last night disabling various things, and even went as far as uninstalling Ad Aware and Spybot Search & Destroy. Disabled Zonealarm too, but all to no avail. Even cleaned up the registry and rebooted after each of the uninstalls. I wasn't aware of the Event Viewer - I have read the link you provided and will give it a go - fingers crossed! Grateful thanks for everyone's patience.
  3. DennisD, Result! Recuva does work when I boot up in safe mode! Now I just have to find what is conflicting with it. Any suggestions as to where to begin? Thanks.
  4. DennisD, I'll give that a go. No drivers updated for months and all the add-ons I use with Firefox have been there for ages. No new software either, so I don't think they are the problem, but I will try your idea of using safe mode. No need for you to apologise - I consider myself technically competent (self-taught since the early 90s with PCs, and competent enough, for example, to very recently set up a wireless N+ modem router) but I am always grateful for a kindly 'steer' in the right direction. ;-) Many thanks for the advice.
  5. I never allow software of any sort to automatically update (it can often bring in unwanted toolbars and the like) - I always do it manually. Consequently, that is the case here. To make this case even stranger, I have updated Recuva (and CCleaner, Defraggler and the anti-virus)) on my Win XP Home desktop in the same manner that I did here with my laptop, and it all works fine! I'm on the verge of giving up here, lol! Computers, don't you just love them?
  6. hazelnut, Thanks very much for your response. I have tried your suggestion, downloading the 'slim' version from within both Firefox and Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, after installation and then trying to run Recuva, the result is the same - the welcome screen flashes on for a brief second and then the program stops/disappears. I am utterly baffled by this!
  7. As part of my regular laptop 'housekeeping' today I thought I would do a check for updates to the Piriform trio of CCleaner, Defraggler and Recuva, as well as my anti-virus (AVG Free 8.5.375). The anti-virus was updated first. I then updated CCleaner to 2.22.968 (no problems) followed by Defraggler 1.12.152 (again, no problems). I updated both of these in my normal manner by opening each program and clicking on the "Check for updates" link in the bottom corner. I then attempted to open Recuva to check for updates but all I got was a short flash of the welcome screen and it stopped loading. I tried again a couple of times more - same result. I wasn't too perturbed because it was easy enough to go to the website and download Recuva 1.29.429. I uninstalled the previous version of Recuva, restarted my laptop (just in case!) and installed the new version of Recuva. When I tried to open it I got the same response as earlier - a very brief flash of the welcome screen and it disappears! Has anyone had this problem before? All 3 Piriform products have worked perfectly since I started using them months ago and there have never been conflicts with other software. I don't know if the update to my anti-virus had anything to do with it, but I include the fact that I did update it for completeness. I run a Sony Vaio VGN-SZ1VP/C laptop with Win XP Pro SP3. I'm baffled, can anyone help?
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